DELUXE 12 PART #’S Master RUBBER KIT FITS 1968-69 &72 DODGE Dart & 1971-72 PLY Scamp 2 dr. H.T. RKM115


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1968-69 Dodge Dart & Ply Scamp 1971-72 A Body 2 Door H.T. Deluxe Master kit includes.
Door Seals pr.LM23C
Roof Rail Seals pr.RR4001-B
Trunk Seal TK 64A/18
Hood to Cowl CHS 6776/AXX6776CS01
Hood to radiator CRS 67-72/AXX6771HS01
Front Windshield Glass WCR D 690
Rear Glass Seal WCR DB 3861
Snap in Bumper Kit 2331
Door Seal End Cap Filler ALP7015 pr
Quarter Pillar End Cap ALP 7009
Quarter window Rear Roll Up Seal VS7 A/FL
Door Vent Window Seal Kit WR2307 pr.

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