DELUXE 12 PART #’S Master RUBBER KIT FITS 1968-69 &72 DODGE Dart & 1971-72 PLY Scamp 2 dr. H.T. RKM115


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1968-69 Dodge Dart & Ply Scamp 1971-72 A Body 2 Door H.T.Deluxe Master kit includes. Door Seals pr.LM23C, Roof Rail Seals pr.RR4001-B, Trunk Seal TK 64A/18, Hood to Cowl CHS 6776/AXX6776CS01, Hood to radiator CRS 67-72/AXX6771HS01, Front Windshield Glass WCR D 690, Rear Gleas seal WCR DB 3861 Snap in Bumper Kit 2331, Door Seal End Cap Filler ALP7015 pr. Quarter Piller End Cap ALP 7009 , Quarter window Rear Roll Up Seal VS7 A/FL, Door Vent Window Seal Kit WR2307 pr. List Price $736.00.00 on SPECIAL for $549.75 { over 40 pcs.]