Front Windshield Gasket 1967 A Body 2 Dr. H.T.Dodge Dart, and Barracuda Kit With locking strip with Corners. WCR D /WLS 690-B


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;WCR D /WLS 690-B Kit [2] pc. Front Windshield  Gasket  Kit, 1967 A Body 2 dr. H.T. Dart, and Barracuda, Kit Includes [>WCR D 690-B  ] Front Gasket and [4] New Chrome locking strips with [4] Corners. [“>WLS 690-B Kit [8] pc.]   [ Appx 62 inch’s long ]  This part is a Special Handling idem do to over size, US orders>[ SmallPhoto shows Locking Strips, Corners and Windshield Gasket ]