Front Windshield Gasket 1962-63,Dodge & Plymouth B Body Belvedere, Fury, Satellite, 2 H, T, Sedans, Conv. & S/W WCR B617


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WCR D 617  Front Windshield Gasket 1962-63, B Body  Plymouth Belvedere, Fury, Savoy, Dodge 330/440, Polara and 1962 Dart, 2 or 4 Door Hard Top, Sedans, Station Wagon and Convertible.  This windshield gasket mounts around the full perimeter of the front glass and has properly molded corners for a precise, factory fit. It also has the slot to accommodate the outer edge’s decorative molding. Fitted gasket provides a formed, seamless seal and accommodates reveal molding.
Replaces factory #2167048. [ To ensure a proper seal use bedding and glazing compound when installing.] $ 117.75 each.