DELUXE Master 10 part #’s. WEATHERSTRIPPING KIT 1969 Dodge Charger


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DELUXE Master 10 part #’s. WEATHERSTRIPPING KIT 1968 Dodge Charger

LM 23 Door Seals pair.
RR 4001-A Roof Rail seals pair. Extends from A pillar hinge along roof line to trunk area.
TK 46A/18 trunk seal.
ALP 7001 door end covers end of door seal.
ALP 7002 Quarter pillar end seal [ u-jam seal ].
WCR D715 Front windshield gasket
VS7/EFL Quarter glass rear roll up seals with flocking pr.
WR 2308 Front door vent window seal pair.
BXX6670 CS01 Hood to cowl seal
BXX 6969 HS01 hood to Radiator seal
SBK 2323 Snap in Bumper Kit helps keep paint from chipping
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